Risk Factors

Get a summary view of your company's overall risk index, the assessment scope in your network, and any risks that require immediate attention.

The Risk Factors screen displays an overview of the risks to your company's network. Ensure that you connect to as many data sources as possible to receive the most accurate risk insights about your network traffic.

For more information, see Configuring the Data Source for Risk Analysis.



Risk Index

Displays the overall Risk Index for your organization over the last 7 days and the specific risk factors that contribute to the score

For more information, see Risk Index.

Click any of the categories to view specific statistics for that particular risk factor or click the risk index score to view the overall analysis.

Click the Assessment scope icons to view detailed information on the entities included in the analysis.

For more information, see Assessment Scope for Risk Insights.

At-Risk Users/Devices

Displays the users and devices that maintain a risk score of at least 70 and may be under attack due to high risk event detections.

Click the Action button to view a list of available mitigation actions that you can take on the entity.

For more information, see Zero Trust Actions.

Click Configure Alert Notifications to receive email alerts for your at-risk users/devices.

For more information, see Notifications.