Risk Overview

Gain insights into your overall security posture your devices' attack surface

The following table outlines the available widgets.



Risk Index

A comprehensive score based on the dynamic assessment of risk factors inclusive of exposure, attack risk, and security configurations risk

You can take company-wide remediation steps and preventive measures to lower the company-wide risk index over time.

Risk Summary

A monthly summary of your company's risk scores related to exposure, attack, and security configuration

Attack Surface - Devices

A representation of your company's devices based on the following:

  • Device Estimate: The total number of devices identified by data sources and additional devices added by the administrator that are not connected to Trend Micro Vision One

    Click Update Estimate to specify the total number of endpoints you believe are part of your environment (including devices discoverable by network discovery).

  • Discoverable Devices: The level of visibility into device health for the devices connected to Trend Micro Vision One

  • Device Exposure Assessment: The assessed risk level of devices based on unpatched vulnerabilities, system configurations, and internet accessibility

  • Devices with Managed Agents: The level of security applied to agents managed by Trend Micro

Attack surface discovery continuously identifies known and unknown assets in your environment to inform your attack exposure, and security configuration. Visibility improves as you integrate more Trend Micro sensors and third-party data sources.

Risk Remediation

Suggestions on the most important remediation actions you should take to reduce your overall risk