Executive Dashboard

Get better insights into your company’s security posture by understanding your overall risk index, device exposure, on-going attacks, and all contributing factors.

The Executive Dashboard app provides information about your company's overall risk index, which is a comprehensive score based on the dynamic assessment of risk factors inclusive of exposure, attack risk, and security configurations risk.


To gain more comprehensive insights and accurate organizational comparisons, connect more data sources, and configure your industry and company size in your Company Profile.

The following table outlines the options available on the Executive Dashboard.



Risk Overview

Provides your company's overall Risk Index and insights into your devices' Attack Surface

Exposure Overview

Provides your Exposure Index, which allows you to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may put you at risk

Attack Overview

Provides your Attack Index, which indicates the attack intensity on your organization

Security Configuration

Provides an overview of your connected agents and Endpoint Sensors, including the protection features applied to your managed agents

Data source

Allows you to view your connected data sources and configure new data sources for better insights


Allows you to indicate the type of data you would like to export