Attack Surface Discovery

Discover your organizational assets that may be exposed to attack, including devices, internet-facing assets, accounts, and cloud apps.

Attack Surface Discovery allows you to locate corporate assets that threat actors may be able to use to attack your organization. The following table describes the types of assets that Attack Surface Discovery can provide insights in to.




Displays all the devices visible within your organization

Attack Surface Discovery cannot assess all discovered devices. Devices visible through third-party data sources may not provide enough data for thorough analysis.

Click any device name to view a detailed device profile assessment.

Internet-Facing Assets

Displays all IP and domain assets that are visible from external internet locations and view detailed IP profile risk assessments

Add your organization's domains by clicking + Add to allow Trend Micro to perform external asset searches for exposed host names.


Processing new corporate domain information may take up to 7 days to complete. You can only assess domains owned by your organization.


Displays all visible domain and service accounts, identifies highly-authorized accounts, and allows you to view detailed risk profiles

Click any user name to view a detailed user profile assessment.

Cloud Apps

Displays all cloud apps accessed by your organization's users and devices, and provides insights into how users access connected collaboration tools, such as Office 365

Click any user name to view a detailed cloud app profile assessment.