Activating a Deep Discovery Inspector License Using the Customer Licensing Portal

If you did not use a company-specific disk image to deploy the Deep Discovery Inspector virtual appliance, activate your Deep Discovery Inspector license before integrating Sandbox as a Service.

  1. Register Deep Discovery Inspector in the Customer Licensing Portal. For more information see Managing Product/Service Licenses.
  2. Activate Deep Discovery Inspector's license.
    1. In Deep Discovery Inspector's management console, go to Administration > Licenses.

    2. Under Deep Discovery Inspector, click New Activation Code.

    3. Specify the activation code available in the Customer Licensing Portal, then click Save.

  3. Activate Sandbox as a Service in Deep Discovery Inspector.
    1. Under Sandbox as a Service, click New Activation Code.

    2. Specify your Sandbox as a Service's activation code then click Save.

  4. Connect Deep Discovery Inspector as network sensor. For more information, see Connecting a Deployed Deep Discovery Inspector.