Getting Started with Network Inventory

Connect and configure network sensors (Deep Discovery Inspector appliances) to get started with Network Inventory.

  1. Go to Inventory Management > Network Inventory.
  2. Select the connection method.
    • Connect Deep Discovery Inspector appliances directly (recommended)

    • Connect through your on-premises Deep Discovery Director (automatically connects all managed appliances)


    After you have chosen a connection method, the introductory screen no longer appears and you can access the main Network Inventory screen directly.

  3. Connect Deep Discovery Inspector appliances.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to deploy a new network sensor, connect an existing sensor, or connect multiple sensors through Deep Discovery Director.

  4. Configure network sensors to connect to Network Inventory.
  5. (Optional) Integrate Deep Discovery Inspector Virtual Appliances with Sandbox as a Service For more information, see Deep Discovery Inspector Virtual Appliance Integration with Sandbox as a Service and Trend Micro Vision One.
  6. View and manage sensors from the Network Inventory screen.

    For more information, see Network Inventory.