Configuring Directly Connected Network Sensors

To access Network Analytics reports from the Workbench app, you must first configure specific product settings.

  1. On the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Network Security Operations > Network Inventory, click the options button (), and then select Access Network Inventory Service management console.
  2. On the Network Inventory Service management console, go to Administration > Network Analytics > Connected Sources.
  3. Select one or more appliances and then click Configure.
  4. In the Status column, click the toggle to enable the appliance as a data source.

    While there is no limit on the number of Deep Discovery Inspector appliances you can enable, the total combined Bandwidth cannot exceed the available Bandwidth capacity.

  5. Select whether to use the appliance proxy settings.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Add the following addresses and ports to your firewall exception list.

    Address and port


    Allows Deep Discovery Inspector to connect to Network Inventory Service

    Allows Deep Discovery Inspector to send data to Trend Micro Vision One

    Allows Deep Discovery Inspector to access Deep Discovery Director - Network Analytics as a Service