Upgrading and Connecting TippingPoint SMS with Network Intrusion Prevention

Upgrade and enroll your existing TippingPoint SMS console to start using the Network Intrusion Prevention app.


The following instructions only apply to customers that have already connected TippingPoint SMS to Trend Micro Vision One running a version prior to 5.5.3 Patch 1.

If you have not yet connected to Trend Micro Vision One, upgrade your TippingPoint SMS console to the latest version and follow the initial integration steps.

  1. Ensure that you upgrade your TippingPoint SMS console to 5.5.3 Patch 1 (or later).
  2. Enable the Forward Proxy service in Service Gateway Inventory.
    1. In the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Inventory Management > Service Gateway Inventory.
    2. Locate your Service Gateway that manages your TippingPoint SMS network sensor.
    3. Configure the Service Gateway settings by clicking the Configure settings icon in the Action column.
    4. Enable the Forward proxy toggle.
  3. Obtain the enrollment token for TippingPoint SMS.
    1. In the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Administration > Product Connector.
    2. In the Product name field, select TippingPoint Security Management System.
    3. Click the Generate an enrollment token link.
    4. Copy the enrollment token for use on the TippingPoint SMS console.
    5. Click Save.
  4. In the TippingPoint SMS console, go to Administration > Trend Micro Connections.
  5. Start configuring your connection settings.
    • For new connections, click Configure.

    • For existing connections, click Configure integration settings.

  6. Enroll TippingPoint SMS using the enrollment token.
    1. Paste the token you obtained from the Product Inventory app in the Enrollment Token field.
    2. Enable device inventory sharing with Trend Micro Vision One by enabling the State toggle in the Device Inventory Sharing section.
    3. Click Save.
  7. Verify the connection status.
    1. In the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Administration > Product Connector.
    2. Check that the TippingPoint Security Management System's connection status is green.

    You can now view the device inventory on the Network Intrusion Prevention app in Trend Micro Vision One.