Deploying the Agent Installer to Virtual Desktops

Deploy persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops in a VDI environment.

  • Vulnerability detection and agent upgrade are not supported on non-persistent endpoints.

  • Virtual desktop support requires agent grouping and policy-based settings management. Complete the endpoint grouping initial setup or contact your support provider.

  • Virtual desktop support requires a VMware environment.

  • The image setup tool does not support Zero Trust Secure Access on base images. If you need ZTSA, deploy it on individual virtual desktops instead.

  1. Configure your virtual desktop template, including operating system, VM settings, and software.
  2. Configure all software for a VDI environment, including endpoint protection software.

    For Apex One customers, make sure to run the template generation tool before exporting.

  3. From the Agent Installer tab on the Endpoint Inventory app, download and install the agent program on the virtual desktop.
  4. Verify that your virtual desktop appears on the endpoint list in the Endpoint Inventory app. If your template needs XDR Endpoint Sensor, make sure the feature is shown enabled.
  5. Optionally, create a snapshot of your virtual desktop to facilitate future agent upgrades. For more information, see Updating the Agent on Virtual Desktops.
  6. Download ImageSetupTool.exe from the Trend Micro Vision One and copy the admin token from the Agent Installer tab on the Endpoint Inventory app.

    The image setup tool is specific to your organization.

  7. Run ImageSetupTool.exe as an administrator on the virtual desktop to prepare the agent to run in a VDI environment.

    Make sure to specify persistent or non-persistent VDI.


    Use Case

    Supported Features

    ImageSetupTool.exe --persistent

    Persistent virtual desktops

    • Standard agent auto-removal
    • Vulnerability detection available
    • In-place upgrades

    ImageSetupTool.exe --non-persistent

    Non-persistent virtual desktops

    • Non-persistent agent auto-removal available from Endpoint Inventory
    • Vulnerability detection disabled
    • In-place upgrades disabled
  8. When prompted, paste the admin token copied from the Endpoint Inventory app.
  9. Once image setup completes, delete the image setup tool from the virtual desktop.
  10. Export your virtual desktop template.

    Ensure that endpoint groups are configured to accommodate virtual desktops. For more information on endpoint grouping, see Managing Groups.

    Optionally configure inactive agent removal in the Endpoint Inventory app to remove non-persistent agents.