Endpoint Inventory 2.0

Check enabled features, manage endpoint groups, and deploy agents.

The Endpoint Inventory app allows you to view which features are enabled on your endpoints, as well as create and manage endpoint groups.


For Apex One on-premises customers, only endpoints with the Apex One Patch installed can report to Trend Micro Vision One. After installing the Apex One Patch to Security Agents, allow around 10 minutes for online endpoints to report back.



Endpoint List

Displays a list of all endpoints in your environment.

For details about the Endpoint List, see Managing the Endpoint List in Endpoint Inventory 2.0

Endpoint Groups

After endpoints start reporting back, you can assign them to groups to manage security policies.

For details about Endpoint Groups, see Getting Started with Endpoint Inventory 2.0.

Agent Installer

Download the agent installer on as many endpoints as possible to maximize visibility.

For details about deploying the agent installer, see Deploying the Agent Installer