Email Account Inventory

Check managed XDR on supported email accounts.

The Email Account Inventory screen allows you to manage the email accounts with XDR enabled.

After granting the necessary access permissions in Microsoft 365 (using the Global Administrator account) or installing the Gmail app and granting permissions (using Google Super Admin privileges), you can choose to modify the mailboxes that report to Trend Micro Vision One at any time.


After disabling XDR capabilities on a mailbox, the mailbox stops reporting activity data and Trend Micro Vision One removes all data collected from the disabled mailbox.

  1. Go to Email Account Inventory.
  2. Click Manage XDR Mailboxes.
  3. In the Available Users / Groups list, select the accounts you want to monitor.
  4. Select the accounts or groups to monitor.
  5. Click the arrow to move the selected accounts to the Selected Accounts table.
  6. Click Save.

    Trend Micro Vision One starts monitoring the activity data for the selected mailboxes. Trend Micro Vision One deletes all collected activity data for any mailboxes that you removed from the Selected Accounts list.