Managing Services in Service Gateway 2.0

Install services and manage service status to optimize Service Gateway deployments.



Additional Requirements

On-premises directory connection

Supports sharing objects and activity data from Active Directory and OpenLDAP servers with Trend Micro Vision One.

Service requires configuring third-party apps in Third-party Integration.


Serves on-premises Trend Micro products as a local ActiveUpdate server to reduce outgoing internet traffic.

Requires additional setup after installation.

For more information, see ActiveUpdate Configuration.

Forward proxy

Allows agents on endpoints with no direct access to the internet to use the service gateway as a proxy to reach Trend Micro Vision One.

Requires deploying agents using a deployment script. For more information, see Deploying the Agent Installer with Service Gateway Forward Proxy.

Requires the Service Gateway API key.

Log forwarding

Supports forwarding logs to Trend Micro Vision One for correlation and analysis.

Requires the Service Gateway API key.

Nessus Pro

Sends device information and vulnerability data from the Nessus Pro server to Trend Micro Vision One.

Requires the following Nessus Pro server settings:

  • Server URL

  • Nessus Pro secret key

  • Nessus Pro access key

Smart Protection Services

Leverages file reputation and web reputation technology to detect security risks. On-premises Trend Micro products can perform queries against the Service Gateway virtual appliance, which provides Smart Protection either through the local Smart Protection Server on the virtual appliance or as a reverse proxy.

Use the address information listed in the settings panel to configure connected products.

Suspicious Object List synchronization

Supports the sharing of Suspicious Object lists between Trend Micro Vision One and on-premises Trend Micro products.

Requires the Service Gateway API key.

Syslog Connector

Enables sharing data from Trend Micro Vision One with your local syslog server.

Service requires configuring third-party apps in Third-party Integration.

Third-party intelligence synchronization

Shares threat intelligence from Trend Micro Vision One with third-party applications or retrieves threat intelligence from third-party applications.

Service requires configuring third-party apps in Third-party Integration.

TippingPoint policy management

Allows the Network Intrusion Prevention app to modify TippingPoint policy configurations to mitigate CVEs

Service requires a connected TippingPoint SMS console.

Zero Trust Secure Access On-Premises Gateway

Zero Trust Secure Access Internet Access is a forward proxy service that protects end users from malicious activity on the internet. In addition to the Cloud Gateway, the on-premises gateway also provides a flexible option to deploy one or more local on-premises gateways in your organization's network as a hybrid protection solution.

Service requires setting up Internet Access Configuration in the Zero Trust Secure Access app.


Service Gateway has minimum requirements to enable services on the virtual appliance. For more information see Service Gateway 2.0 Appliance System Requirements.

  1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Service Gateway Management and click the Service Gateway Management 2.0 tab.
  2. Click the name of the Service Gateway you want to manage.

    The Service Gateway screen appears.

  3. To install a new service, or to enable/disable or uninstall a service, click the Manage Services button to access the Manage Services panel.
    1. To install a new service, click the Install icon.
    2. To enable or disable an installed service, click the toggle next to the service name.
    3. To uninstall a service, click Uninstall.

      Uninstalling a service deletes the service settings and any related information stored on the Service Gateway virtual appliance.

  4. To configure the settings for an installed service, locate the service on the Installed Services table and click the configure icon ().