Upgrading from Service Gateway 1.0 to 2.0

Upgrade to Service Gateway Management 2.0 to manage services more easily and use resources more efficiently.


This feature is not available in all regions.

Upgrading requires fewer configuration steps than migrating, but results in a longer downtime. All services on the Service Gateway are unavailable during downtime.


Trend Micro recommends migrating from Service Gateway 1.0 to 2.0. If an unexpected error occurs during the upgrade process, you could experience an interruption in services and may need to reinstall the server.

  1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Service Gateway Management.
  2. Click the Service Gateway Management 1.0 tab.
  3. Click the configuration icon () for the Service Gateway appliance that you want to upgrade.
  4. Click the Migration Options tab.
  5. Click Upgrade to Service Gateway 2.0.
  6. Select the services to upgrade and install on Service Gateway 2.0.

    Active services used within the last 30 days are selected by default. Services not selected can be installed manually after upgrading.

  7. Click Start Upgrade.