What's New in Service Gateway 2.0

Discover the features and improvements offered by Service Gateway 2.0.

Service Gateway 2.0 brings a wealth of improvements and new features designed to make it even easier to manage connected services and products in your security environment.

  • Resource management:

    • A smaller installation image and less demanding performance allows Service Gateway 2.0 to deliver the same great benefits with fewer resources required.

    • Modify and extend storage on the Service Gateway 2.0 virtual appliance along with modifying CPU and memory allotments.

    • Detect and monitor hardware utilization including CPU, memory, and internet usage for installed services.

  • Service management:

    • Download and install services individually as you need them, freeing up storage space and making it easier to manage services.

    • Firmware independent services make it even easier to get access to the newest services and updates.

    • Get access to the newest services and updates including Local Active Update version 2, Syslog Connector (on-premise), and more exclusive to Service Gateway 2.0.

  • Firmware management:

    • Improved update system makes upgrading firmware easier, smoother, and provides greater information allowing you to decide when and what to update.
    • Improved overview panel allows you to quickly determine the health of your virtual appliance and connected products.
    • Fewer firewall exceptions and FQDN requirements make setting up your security environment easier.