Execution Results

Check execution status and execution results of playbooks.

After executing a security playbook, you can view the execution results and pending actions on the Execution Results tab.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Execution Results tab.



Filter executed playbook data

Use the Search field and drop-down lists to locate specific task data.

  • Task status: The current status of the executed playbook

    Possible execution statuses include:

    • Pending approval () (if applicable): Some actions in a playbook are waiting for approval to be performed

    • In progress... (): The playbook is being executed

    • Successful (): The playbook was executed successfully

    • Unsuccessful (): An error or time-out occurred when executing the playbook

    • Queued (): The playbook was queued

  • Created: The time when the playbook was created

  • Search: Provides partial matching for the Execution ID and Playbook name objects

Approve or reject pending actions

Click the number under Actions required to approve or reject pending actions in the playbook.

Edit the playbook

Click the Edit playbook icon () to edit the playbook.

View recommendations

Click the number under Recommendations to check the recommendations issued by the Security Playbooks app based on the execution results of the playbook.