Security Playbooks

Automate a wide variety of actions, from assessment of your environment, to remediation actions.


This is a "Pre-release" feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature.

Security playbooks enable automation of a variety of actions, helping reduce workload while speeding up security tasks and investigations. Use templates to create playbooks and customize actions within playbook nodes to tailor each playbook to your needs. You can designate playbooks to be run manually, periodically, or automatically in response to a trigger.

The following table outlines the elements available for the Security Playbooks app.



Execution Results

View the table to check execution status, approve pending actions, and view execution results of playbooks.

For more information, see Execution Results.


Create, manage, and edit playbooks.


You can manually execute an enabled playbook by clicking the run icon ().


View security playbook templates.

For a detailed use case, see Creating Playbooks from Templates.