Security Assessment

The Security Assessment app scans your cloud mailboxes, endpoints, and other entities in your environment to find any threats that may have evaded your existing security solutions.

You can run any of the assessment options more than once but you must complete each assessment before starting another. The following table outlines information about the assessment options.

Assessment type




At-Risk Cloud Mailboxes

  • Google Workspace

  • Office 365

Messages sent and received in the last 15 to 30 days (including spam)

Permission to access mailboxes for scanning


Trend Micro Vision One does not access and store users' credentials.

The Security Assessment app displays a report that provides a snapshot of your security posture. You have the option of downloading a PDF copy of the report or a CSV file containing all detection data.

At-Risk Endpoints

  • macOS

  • Windows

File activity and file-based threat indicators

Assessment tool deployment

You can deploy the assessment tool using your preferred system utility or share the download link with users.

Trend Micro Vision One Risk Assessment

Identities, devices, applications, and content in your environment

The Risk Insights app provides statistics based on data for the last 30 days.

Data sources such as Azure AD, Splunk, and XDR sensors


Connect as many data sources as possible to receive the most accurate risk insights.

The Risk Insights app provides information about your company's risk assessment for a given period, including the following:

  • Overall risk index

  • Entities included in the analysis

  • Users and devices that may be under attack

  • Cloud app usage across your network

For more information, see Risk Insights.