Configuring User Roles

Create or edit a user role with access and API permissions to suit the needs of your organization.

  1. Go to Account > User Roles.
  2. Add, edit, or duplicate a user role:
    • For a new user role, click Add.

    • To edit a user role:

      1. Select the user role.

      2. Click Edit.


      You cannot edit a predefined role.

    • To duplicate a user role:

      1. Select the user role.

      2. Click Duplicate.

    The Custom Role Setting panel opens.

  3. On the General tab, specify the Role name.
  4. (Optional) Type a description for the role.
  5. On the Permissions tab, select the permissions you want to grant the role. To filter for specific apps and permissions, use the search field.

    Some apps require selecting the View or View, filter, and search permission before selecting other permissions.

    Some permissions require enabling associated permissions in other apps before selecting the desired permissions. To enable associated permissions, click the lock icon () next to the target permission, view the list of associated permissions, and then click Enable All.

  6. Click Submit.

    The user role appears in the list.