Obtaining API Keys for Third-Party Access

API keys allow third-party applications to access your Trend Micro Vision One environment through authorized accounts.

To ensure that only authorized applications can gain access to your Trend Micro Vision One data, you must create a user account specifically configured to allow API usage.

For a reference of the APIs available for Trend Micro Vision One, see https://automation.trendmicro.com/xdr/home.

  • You must access the Trend Micro Vision One console using an account with the Master Administrator role. If you require a new authentication token but do not have the necessary permissions to access the console, contact your administrator.

  • The user role requires the necessary permissions to connect specific APIs. For a list of the necessary permissions, see https://automation.trendmicro.com/xdr/Guides/Authentication.

  1. Access the Trend Micro Vision One console using an account with the Master Administrator role and go to Account > User Accounts.
  2. Click the account that you use for API access.

    The Account Details panel opens.

  3. Generate a new Authentication token.
    1. If there is a previously generated authentication token, delete the token.
    2. Click Generate new authentication token.
    3. Click Copy and Save.
    • After you save and close the dialog, the authentication token is hidden and cannot be retrieved.

    • Trend Micro Vision One does not automatically send the authentication token to the user. You must provide the token to the user manually.

    • Authentication tokens expire one year after generating. You can view the expiration date in the Account Details panel.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Apply the authentication token in your third-party or in-house application.