License Entitlements Calculated Into Credits

If your company has purchased or renewed licenses for XDR sensors or other Trend Micro Vision One services that support credit-based licensing, such licenses will be automatically calculated into credits upon activation.

The credits you receive retain the equivalent value, utility, and expiration date of the original license, but provide you added flexibility. No change will be made to the license agreement or renewal process.


No action is required on your part. Trend Micro will automatically calculate the equivalent credit value of your existing subscription and add it to your credit balance.

The following table describes how the credit equivalent is calculated.

Table 1. Credit Equivalent of Licensed Units


Credit Equivalent


XDR Endpoint Sensor

20 credits per endpoint/server

A customer with an Apex One with XDR license that includes 400 XDR Endpoint Sensor units can redeem those units in the form of 8000 credits.

Calculation: 400 x 20 = 8,000

XDR Email Sensor

3 credits per email account

A customer with a Cloud App Security with XDR license that includes 300 XDR Email Sensor units can redeem those units in the form of 900 credits.

Calculation: 300 x 3 = 900

XDR Network Sensor

25,000 credits per Gbps monitored

A customer with a Deep Discover Inspector license that includes 1 XDR Network Sensor with 1 Gbps monitored can redeem 25,000 credits.

Calculation: 1 x 25,000 = 25,000

Mobile Sensor

5 credits per device

A customer with a Mobile Inventory license that includes 100 Mobile Sensors can redeem 500 credits.

Calculation: 100 x 5 = 500

Sandbox Analysis: Daily Reserve

50 credits per reserved submission

A customer with a Sandbox Analysis license that includes 50 reserved submission per day can redeem 2500 credits.

Calculation: 50 x 50 = 2500