Configuring Webhook Notifications

Configure webhook lists to send notifications to specified channels.

You can configure each notification with its own webhook list.


Microsoft Teams and Slack webhooks receive automatically formatted notifications.

All other webhooks require you to specify the format of the notification body.

  1. Go to Administration > Notifications.
  2. Click the notification type to open the settings panel.
  3. If applicable, select the Frequency to control how often you receive notifications.

    Changing the Frequency setting affects both email notifications and webhook notifications.

  4. On the Webhook tab:
    • Select one or more webhooks from the managed webhook list.

    • For Workbench alerts, configure notifications based on alert severity.

      1. Select Send webhook notifications based on alert severity.

      2. Click Create Group.

      3. Configure the webhook group settings.


        If you webhook is not listed, you can create a new webhook connection using the Webhook List.

        For more information, see Managing Webhooks.

      4. Click Save.

  5. (Optional) If available, configure additional settings:
    • Expanded impact scope details: Includes detailed scope information in webhook notifications.

    • Expanded response task details: Includes detailed alert information in webhook notifications.


    Expanded details contain potentially sensitive information about your environment. Ensure only people with appropriate permissions are included in the recipient list.

  6. Click Save.