Configuring Email Notifications

Set up email lists to send notifications to specified recipients.

Set up and configure a list of email recipients to ensure that the appropriate recipients always receive the latest notifications. You can configure each notification with its own recipient list.

  1. Go to Administration > Notifications.
  2. Click the notification type to open the settings panel.
  3. For Response Management, specify the Task status and Response action.

    You can specify one or more task status or response actions. Trend Micro Vision One generates an alert notification at the specified frequency whenever any of the response actions changes to any of the states.

    For more information on the response actions, see Response Actions.

  4. If applicable, select the Frequency to control how often you receive notifications.

    Changing the Frequency setting affects both email notifications and webhook notifications.

  5. On the Email tab, perform the following steps:
    1. Specify the notification recipients by typing email addresses or selecting from the list of Trend Micro Vision One accounts.

      Recently created Trend Micro Vision One accounts may take some time before appearing in the list.

    2. Click the Send Test Message button to send a test notification.
      • To ensure only new recipients receive the test notification, enable Send only to newly added recipients. If you did not add any new recipients, the notification does not send a test message.

      • Resending a test message requires a few minutes.

    3. (Optional) For Workbench alerts, configure notifications based on alert severity.
      1. Enable Notify recipients based on alert severity.

      2. Click Create Group.

      3. Configure the recipient group settings.


        The recipient list must have at least one recipient before creating a group.

      4. Click Save.

  6. (Optional) If available, configure additional settings:
    • Expanded impact scope details: Includes detailed scope information in the notifications.

    • Expanded response task details: Includes detailed alert information in the notifications.


    Expanded details contain potentially sensitive information about your environment. Ensure only people with appropriate permissions are included in the recipient list.

  7. Click Save.