View the alerts which generate notifications for new and ongoing security concerns.

When Trend Micro Vision One triggers an alert, the alert generates a notification. The Alerts tab allows you to configure each notification and manage the recipient lists individually. Click the name of the alert to access the settings panel.



Response Management

Sends a single email of the latest notifications when the status of a response task changes to a specified state

For more information, see Response Management.

Search - Watchlist

Sends a notification after matching data on a saved query watchlist

For more information, see Saved Queries and Watchlists.

Workbench - Workbench alerts

Sends a notification after creating a new alert

For more information, see Alert View.

Unusual Product Status

Sends a single email of the latest notifications when the status of connected products or sensors change to Unhealthy, Disconnected, or Inactive

The Audit Logs app creates notifications based on information from the Service Gateway Inventory, Network Inventory, Product Connector, and Zero Trust Secure Access apps.

For more information, see System Logs.

Risk Insights - At-risk users/devices

Sends a notification after detecting a new at-risk user or device with a medium or high-risk status

For more information, see Risk Insights.

Zero Trust Secure Access - Secure access rule match

Sends a single email of the latest notifications after detecting a secure access rule match

For more information, see Secure Access Rules.