Viewing Agent Logs

The Logs screen allows you to view and manage log entries. You can also view infected files that the agent has quarantined.

  1. Click the agent icon on your endpoint's system tray and click Open Trend Micro Security.

  2. Click the view log icon () or click the Virus/Malware detection number.

  3. Select a predefined time period or specify a custom time period.
  4. Select a log type.
    • Security risks: Displays a list of security risks that the agent has detected since the last time the list was deleted.

      You can select a scan action to filter security risk logs.

    • Blocked web sites: Displays a list of websites that the agent has blocked since the last time the list was deleted.

    • Scan operation: Displays the list of scan operations that the agent has performed on the endpoint.

  5. Click View Quarantined Files to display quarantined files.

    For details, see Working with Quarantined Files.