New in this Release

Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent includes the following new features and enhancements:



Smart Scan

Trend Micro Security (for Mac) uses smart scan to make the scanning process more efficient. This technology works by off-loading a large number of signatures previously stored on the local endpoint to Smart Protection Sources. Using this approach, the system and network impact of the ever-increasing volume of signature updates to endpoint systems is significantly reduced.

Agent self-protection

  • Prevents the removal or modification of Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent program files and folders

  • Prevents the blocking of Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent processes

Scan monitoring

Trend Micro Security (for Mac) provides more visibility and control over scan features through:

  • Security risk log filtering by scan actions on the agent console.

  • Scan Operation logs: Monitor scan time, scan status, and scan results using the web console and the agent console.

Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent interface redesign

The Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent interface has been redesigned to provide an easier, more streamlined, and more modern experience. All the features available in the previous Trend Micro Security (for Mac) client version are still available in the updated version.