Protection Status

The Protection Status screen contains information about the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent and its components.

To access the Protection Status screen, click the agent icon on your computer's menu bar and select Open Trend Micro Security.

The Protection Status screen shows the following information:



Product Version

The version number of the agent

Computer Location

Dictates the web reputation policy that applies when a user accesses the web

An internal computer can connect to the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server. The policy on this is typically lenient and only blocks websites verified to be fraudulent or known sources of threats.

An external computer cannot connect to the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server. The policy on this computer is typically stricter and blocks unrated and possibly compromised web pages, in addition to sites blocked by the policy for internal computers.

Parent Server

The Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server that manages the agent

The server deploys components, security settings, and other configurations to the agent. The agent provides the actual protection from security risks and web-based threats, and regularly reports its security status to the server.

Web Reputation Service

The HTTP address of the Smart Protection Server that provides Web Reputation Services to the agent

Web Reputation Services verify the safety of websites accessed on the Mac computer. The Trend Micro Security (for Mac) administrator in your organization sets up and manages these services.

Update Now

Immediately checks for and then downloads new components available on the update source. For details, see Updating Components.

Component List

Includes the engine and patterns the agent uses to scan for and perform an action against security risks. For a list of components, see Agent Components.