Scan Settings

Select one or more of the following options:

  • Scan compressed files: Allows Trend Micro Security (for Mac) can scan individual files within compressed files. Trend Micro Security (for Mac) supports the following compression types:




    Archive created by Pkzip


    Archive created by RAR


    Archive created by Tar


    ARJ Compressed archive



    .gz; .gzip

    Gnu ZIP


    LZW/Compressed 16bits




    Microsoft Cabinet file

    Microsoft Compressed/MSCOMP


    .eml; .mht



    Teledisk format


    Unix BZ2 Bzip compressed file





  • Scan Time Machine: Allows Trend Micro Security (for Mac) to detect and scan Time Machine drives.


    After enabling the Scan Time Machine option for Manual and Scheduled Scan, Trend Micro Security (for Mac) can only detect malware threats but not take any action (clean, quarantine, or delete) due to a permission limitation in the Mac OS. Any configured actions display as unsuccessful in the product logs.

  • Scan network drives: Scans network drives or folders mapped to the endpoint.

  • Skip Scheduled Scan When a Wireless Endpoint's Battery Life is Less Than __ % and its AC Adapter is Unplugged: Trend Micro Security (for Mac) skips a Scheduled Scan if it detects that a wireless endpoint's battery life is running low and its AC adapter is not connected to any power source. If battery life is low but the AC adapter is connected to a power source, scanning proceeds. If a scan is in progress when the battery life is low, the scan is not terminated.