Upgrading Agents


To allow agent upgrade, make sure that the Agents can update the components but not upgrade the agent program check box is not select in the Agent Management > Settings > Update Settings screen.

  1. Perform any of the following steps:
    • Perform a manual update. Ensure that you select Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Agent from the list of components.

    • On the agent tree, select the agents to upgrade and then click Tasks > Update.

    • If scheduled update has been enabled, ensure that Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Agent is selected.

    • Instruct users to click Update from the agent console.

    Agents that receive the notification start to upgrade. On the endpoint, the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) icon on the menu bar indicates that the product is updating. Users cannot run any task from the console until the upgrade is complete.

  2. Check the upgrade status.
    1. Click Summary on the main menu and go to the Program section under Update Status.
    2. Click the link under the Not Upgraded column. The agent tree opens, showing all the agents that have not been upgraded.
    3. To upgrade the agents that have not been upgrade, click Tasks > Update.