Configuring Agent Automatic Update

Automatic update relieves you of the burden of notifying all agents to update and eliminates the risk of agent computers not having up-to-date components.

In addition to components, Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agents also receive updated configuration files during automatic update. Agents need the configuration files to apply new settings. Each time you modify Trend Micro Security (for Mac) settings through the web console, the configuration files change.

The Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server can notify online agents to update components after it downloads the latest components, and offline agents when they restart and then connect to the server. Optionally initiate Scan Now (manual scan) on Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent endpoints after the update.

  1. Click Updates > Agents > Agent Automatic Update.

  2. Select the options.

    Table 1. Event-triggered Update



    Initiate component update on agents immediately after the server downloads a new component

    The server notifies agents to update as soon as it completes an update.

    Let agents initiate component update after restarting and connecting to the server

    Any agent that missed an update immediately downloads components when it establishes connection with the server. The agent may miss an update if it is offline or if the endpoint where it is installed is not up and running.


    By default, update notifications are retained on the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) server for up to seven days. Offline agents will receive update notifications if the agents are online within the seven-day period.

  3. Click Save.