Installing on Several Mac Computers

The process of installing Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent on several computers can be simplified by using Apple Remote Desktop.


If Mac computers only have an IPv6 address, read the IPv6 limitations for Apple Remote Desktop agent deployment in Pure IPv6 Agent Limitations.

  1. Check for and uninstall any security software on the Mac computer.
  2. Obtain the agent installation package For information on obtaining the package, see Agent Installation Methods and Setup Files.
  3. Copy on the Mac computer with Apple Remote Desktop and then launch it using a built-in archiving tool, such as Archive Utility.

    The files on may become corrupted if users launch it using archiving tools not built-in on the Mac.

    To launch from Terminal, use the following command:

    ditto –xk < file path> <destination folder>

    For example:

    ditto –xk users/mac/Desktop/ users/mac/Desktop

    Launching extracts the file tmsminstall.mpkg.

  4. Open Apple Remote Desktop on the Mac computer.
  5. Select the computers to which to install the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) agent and then click Install.

  6. On the Install Packages screen, drag the installation package or click "+" to locate the installation package.

  7. (Optional) Click Save to automatically run the installation task on new Mac computers that connect to the network.
  8. Click Install. The Apple Remote Desktop starts installing the agent to the selected computers. If the installation was successful on all computers, the message Install Packages: Succeeded on all appears. Otherwise, Successful appears under Task Status for each computer on which the installation was successful.

    Agents automatically register to the server where the agent installation package was obtained. Agents also update for the first time.

Perform agent post-installation tasks. For details, see Agent Post-installation.