Upgrading the Server and Agents

The Plug-in Manager console displays any new Trend Micro Security (for Mac) build or version.

Upgrade the server and agents immediately when the new build or version becomes available.

Before upgrading, be sure that the server and agents have the resources outlined in Server Installation Requirements and Agent Installation Requirements.

Upgrading the Server

Trend Micro recommends backing up the server’s program files and database, which can be restored if there are problems with the upgrade.

  • Program files

    • Default path:

      C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\Addon\TMSM


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\Addon\TMSM

    • Files to back up:

      • ..\apache-activemq\conf\activemq.xml

      • ..\apache-activemq\conf\broker.pem

      • ..\apache-activemq\conf\broker.ks

      • ..\apache-activemq\bin\win32\wrapper.conf

      • ..\apache-activemq\bin\win64\wrapper.conf

      • ..\ServerInfo.plist

  • Database files. See Backing Up the Server Database.

  1. Open the OfficeScan web console and click Plug-in Manager on the main menu.

  2. Go to the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) section and click Download.

    The size of the file to be downloaded displays beside the Download button.

    Plug-in Manager downloads the package to <OfficeScan server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Download.

    <OfficeScan server installation folder> is typically C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan.

  3. Monitor the download progress.

    You can navigate away from the screen during the download.

    If you encounter problems downloading the package, check the server update logs on the OfficeScan web console. On the main menu, click Logs > Server Update Logs.

  4. To upgrade Trend Micro Security (for Mac) immediately, click Upgrade Now, or to install at a later time, perform the following:
    1. Click Upgrade Later.
    2. Open the Plug-in Manager screen.
    3. Go to the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) section and click Upgrade.
  5. Monitor the upgrade progress. After the upgrade, the Plug-in Manager screen reloads.

Upgrading Agents

  1. Perform any of the following steps:
    • Perform a manual update. Ensure that you select Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Agent from the list of components.

    • On the agent tree, select the agents to upgrade and then click Tasks > Update.

    • If scheduled update has been enabled, ensure that Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Agent is selected.

    • Instruct users to click Update Now from the agent console.

    Agents that receive the notification start to upgrade. On the endpoint, the Trend Micro Security (for Mac) icon on the menu bar indicates that the product is updating. Users cannot run any task from the console until the upgrade is complete.

  2. Check the upgrade status.
    1. Click Summary on the main menu and go to the Agents section.
    2. Click the link under the Not Upgraded column. The agent tree opens, showing all the agents that have not been upgraded.
    3. To upgrade the agents that have not been upgrade, click Tasks > Update.