Registered Scanning Tools

The Registered Scanning Tools tab displays a list of all registered Scanning Tools managed by this Management Program and provides the ability to change scan settings.



Standard Scanning Tool Setting

Displays a limited selection of settings currently applied to "Standard" Scanning Tools

Open: Click to view or modify the scan settings for "Standard" Scanning Tool devices registered to the Management Program

Scanning Tools List

Displays information about all the Scanning Tools registered to the Management Program

  • Scanning Tool: Click the Scanning Tool name to view logs on the scans, synchronizations, and updates that the Scanning Tool has performed

  • Scanning Tool ID: The unique ID of the Scanning Tool device

  • Last Sync: The last time that the Scanning Tool synchronized data and settings with the Management Program

  • Last Update: The last time that the Scanning Tool updated components

  • Device Settings: Click to change between Standard (if the Scanning Tool uses the Standard Scanning Tool Setting) or Custom (to modify existing settings)

  • Lock: Click to lock or unlock the Scanning Tool user's ability to change settings directly from the Scanning Tool console