Installing the Management Program

The Management Program is the central console for the components, settings, and logs of all the Scanning Tool devices. Each managed Scanning Tool can be used in a separate location but can upload and sync with the Management Program locally or remotely.


Trend Micro does not recommend installing the Management Program on an endpoint that has an older version of the Management Program already installed. Install the Management Program on a different endpoint to ensure that your older Scanning Tools can continue to sync logs.

Table 1. System Requirements



Disk space

Trend Micro recommends dedicating a minimum of 2 GB of disk space on the Management Program endpoint

  • 700 MB for the Management Program

  • 1.3 GB for log files


You must have Administrator privilege on the endpoint

  1. Plug-in the Scanning Tool to the target computer.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and double-click MP_Install.exe from the TMPS3 SYS\MP directory to start the program.
  3. When the End User License Agreement screen appears, read the agreement and click Agree and Next.
  4. When the Installation Destination screen appears, type or browse for a folder and clickNext.
  5. When the Activation Code screen appears, specify your Activation Code and click Next.
  6. When the Communication Port and Password screen appears, specify the IP address, port number on the endpoint, and create a password.

    If there is a firewall between the Management Program and the Scanning Tool, accept and give permission to the C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Portable Security 3\SfSrvCom.exe process to continue.

  7. Click Next.
  8. When the Installation Done screen appears, click Close.