Fixing Threats

  1. Check the name of the file and the risk, then select a response from the Action column, or just keep the default response.
    • Ignore: Portable Security will not take any action against the threat.

    • Fix: Portable Security will respond to the threat by trying to clean or quarantine the file involved.


    The exact response depends on the type of threat detected. Trend Micro periodically reviews and revises the automatic responses to different threats, so they may change after a pattern file or scan engine update.

  2. Click Apply Now.

    You can click Scan Again to check for security threats once more.

  3. After confirming that no more security threats were found, you can add some notes about the scan in the Comment field, and then click Close.

    You can type up to 63 characters in the Comment field. This information will appear along with the log data in the scan results. The name of the computer is the default value of this field.