Scan Settings (Basic)

Change the scan type, scan option, and scan action settings of the Scanning Tool device. You can change the following:

  • Scan Type: Specify the folder locations to scan, whether to scan only file types vulnerable to malware, or only Safe Lock Application Lockdown Scan violations

    • All local folders: Scan all folders on the target endpoint

    • Default folders (Quick Scan): Scan only the folders most vulnerable to system threats (such as the Windows System folder)

    • Safe Lock Application Lockdown Scan: Scan only the files that were quarantined or blocked after the Trend Micro Safe Lockā„¢ Application Lockdown function was turned on and files that were executed (but not listed on the Approved List)

    • Specific folders: Limit the scan to the drives and folders you select

  • Scan Option

    • Scan removable drives: Select to scan any removable drives connected to the endpoint

    • Set to the lowest priority: Select to reduce any performance impact on the endpoint but extend scanning times

    • Enable Suspend scan: Select to display the Suspend button during scanning

  • Scan Action: Specify what action the Scanning Tool takes after detecting a threat.

    • Confirm: Prompts user to confirm the action to perform

    • Log only: Logs but takes no further action on detected threats

    • Take the recommended action: Automatically takes the Trend Micro recommended action per threat type