Settings Tab

The following table outlines the options available on the Settings tab.



Automatic Tasks

  • Update security patterns and components: Select to automatically update the Scanning Tool for the latest security patterns and components.

  • Start scanning the computer: Select to automatically start scanning. To view the result of this scan immediately after it is complete, select Always keep the scanning program open after scanning.

    • Always keep the scanning program open after scanning: Select to ensure that you can view scan logs immediately after a scan completes. This option interrupts the automatic execution of tasks by the Scanning Tool Agent including synchronization or scheduled updates.

  • Sync logs and settings with the Management Program: Select this option to synchronize logs and settings of the Scanning Tool with the Management Program.


    Ensure that there is a working network connection between the Scanning Tool Agent and the Management Program.


    Only functional for Scanning Tools operating in Management Program Control mode.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Enable scheduled updates: Select to have the Scanning Tool updated at the defined frequency and start time.

  • Enable scheduled scans: Select to have the Scanning Tool scan the endpoint at the specified frequency and start time.


If both scheduled updates and scheduled scans are enabled, the Scanning Tool performs the update first. The Scanning Tool console automatically closes when both tasks are complete.