Upgrading the Scanning Tool

Trend Micro releases updates to Trend Micro Portable Security occasionally to provide more features and improve performance.

Trend Micro recommends immediately updating all components after activating the license or upgrading the program. Go to the Status & Update tab and click Update Now.


Portable Security does not support upgrading from older versions.

  • Upgrade by Synchronizing with the Management Program
    1. Upgrade the Management Program.
    2. Plug in the Scanning Tool to the Management Program endpoint or connect it remotely through the Internet.
    3. Select the Scanning Tool from the list shown in the Management Program and click Sync Components and Settings.
  • Upgrade Using the Support Tool
    1. Close the Scanning Tool console if it is open.
    2. Log on to the endpoint using an account with administrator privileges and connect the Scanning Tool.
    3. Download the Trend Micro Portable Security service pack.
    4. Extract the contents of the service pack to a local folder on the endpoint where you have connected the Scanning Tool.
    5. From the TMPS3 SYS drive, copy the SupportTool folder from the USB device onto your local drive.
    6. In the appropriate Win32 or x64 folder, double-click the TMPSSuprt.exe file ().
    7. Go to the More Tools tab.
    8. Click the Use for Updates button.
    9. Select Apply Hot fix and click Next. The Apply New Component screen opens.
    10. Click Browse and select the .bin file from the service pack provided by Trend Micro.
    11. Click Apply. A confirmation window opens.