Scanning a Linux Endpoint for Security Risks

This task assumes that your Linux environment supports the auto-mounting of USB drives. If your Linux environment does not support auto-mounting, refer to your Linux documentation to learn how to manually mount a USB device.


Before you can use a Scanning Tool on a Linux endpoint, you must activate the Scanning Tool device on a Windows endpoint, in either standalone mode or through the Management Program.

For more information, see Activation.

  1. Plug the Scanning Tool device into the target Linux endpoint on which you have "root" or "sudo" privilege.

    The endpoint auto-mounts the device and the TMPS3 DAT and TMPS3 SYS drives appear on the screen.

  2. Open the TMPS3 SYS drive.
  3. Right-click anywhere within the folder (but not on a file or folder icon) and click Open in Terminal.

    The terminal opens pointing to the TMPS3 SYS directory.

  4. Scan the endpoint through use of the following command structure:

    sudo sh ./ -c scan [<scan options>] <scan targets>

    To scan the entire endpoint using the Management Program settings, type the following:

    sudo sh ./ -c scan /

    To scan all files in the /tmp folder and perform the "recommended" action, type the following:

    sudo sh ./ -c scan -a recommended /tmp

    For more information about the available options, see Linux Command Line Reference.

    The Scanning Tool begins scanning the endpoint.

  5. Allow some time to allow the scan to complete or press CTRL-C to cancel an on-going scan.
  6. If the configured scan action is Confirm, Portable Security prompts you for an action after detecting a threat.
    • f: Portable Security attempts to clean or quarantine the detected threat

    • i: Portable Security takes no action on the detected threat

    • F: Portable Security attempts to clean or quarantine all detected threats

    • I: Portable Security takes no action on any detected threat

  7. Portable Security displays the scan results and action results, and saves the scan logs to the Scanning Tool device.