Performing Debug Logging on Linux Systems

If you encounter errors while scanning a Linux endpoint, you can enable debug logging and send the logs to your Trend Micro representative for troubleshooting.

  1. Plug the Scanning Tool device into the target Linux endpoint on which you have "root" or "sudo" privilege.

    The endpoint auto-mounts the device and the TMPS3 DAT and TMPS3 SYS drives appear on the screen.

  2. Open the TMPS3 SYS drive.
  3. Right-click anywhere within the folder (but not on a file or folder icon) and click Open in Terminal.

    The terminal opens pointing to the TMPS3 SYS directory.

  4. Scan the endpoint using the following command:

    [root@localhost]# sudo sh ./ --debug -c scan [target folder] > /tmp/tmps.log 2>&1

    The Scanning Tool begins scanning the endpoint, records all log data to the /tmp/tmps.log file, and displays status messages on the console.

  5. After scanning completes, execute the following command to collect additional log information:

    [root@localhost]# sudo dmesg > /tmp/dmesg.log

  6. Copy the following log files and send the files to your Trend Micro representative:
    • /tmp/tmps.log

    • /tmp/dmesg.log

    • /var/log/syslog