Step 2: Using the Rescue Disk

  1. After you have restarted the endpoint, the Trend Micro Rescue Disk console opens automatically.
  2. Press ENTER, or wait for a while. The Confirm Disk Log window appears.
  3. Select Yes.

    The Choose Action window appears.

  4. Select [1] Scan for Security Threats and then select the type of scan.
    • [1] Quick Scan: Scan only the folders most vulnerable to system threats (such as the Windows System folder)

    • [2] Full Scan: Scan all folders

    The Rescue Disk automatically starts scanning. Wait for the scan to finish.

  5. If any threats are detected, the message "Are you sure you want to resolve these objects?" appears.

    Select Yes to remove threats.


    The confirmation message only appears if you have configured the Rescue Disk to:

    • Scan and quarantine objects

    • Inform users before the quarantine starts

  6. After scan logs are saved to the Scanning Tool, confirm the removal of the Scanning Tool from the endpoint.
  7. Press ENTER to restart the endpoint.