Applying Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are a workaround or solution to customer-reported issues. Trend Micro provides hotfixes to individual customers. Hotfix file names use the xxx.bin format.


Hot fixes are not publicly available because these not have been fully tested. Apply ONLY those provided by Trend Micro and only to the specified devices.

  1. Copy the SupportTool folder from the USB device into your local drive.
  2. Open the Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Diagnostic Toolkit console.
  3. Go to the More Tools tab.

    The More Tools tab opens.

  4. Click Use for Updates.

    The Updates window opens.

  5. Select Apply Hot fix, and click Next.

    The Apply New Components window opens.

  6. Select the hotfix file provided by Trend Micro.
  7. Click Apply.

    A confirmation window opens.

  8. To update another Scanning Tool, click Yes.

    To finish the update, select No and replug the device for the update to take effect.