Resetting the Device

  1. Plug the Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Scanning Tool into the endpoint.
  2. From the TMPS3 SYS drive, copy the SupportTool folder from the USB device onto your local drive.
  3. In the appropriate Win32 or x64 folder, double-click the TMPSSuprt.exe file ().
  4. Go to the More Tools tab.
  5. Click Reset Device.
  6. Select Default Factory Settings and click Next.
  7. Copy the Activation Code, and select the Finished saving the Activation Code option.
  8. Click Yes.

    Do not unplug the Scanning Tool until the reset process has completed and a screen appears stating that the reset was successful.

  9. Remove and reinsert the device, then execute Launcher.exe to verify that the Scanning Tool has been reset.

    The Scanning Tool Mode screen appears after successfully resetting the Scanning Tool.