You can perform the following actions by going to My Devices > {device} > Actions.

  • Track This Device: Track the geographical location of your device. When used, the system pings the device and the device sends back its geographical location. The accuracy of the location depends on the technology used - Cellular network data (good), Wi-Fi (better), GPS (best). The entire process takes about a minute.
    Note: Currently, this feature is only available on Android devices.
  • Lock This Device: If your device is misplaced, you can remotely lock this device. This ensures that data on the device is secured and access to the corporate networks is restricted. If you have set an unlock passcode, the phone gets locked and requires the original passcode to unlock it.
    Tip: If a passcode has not been set, the remote lock is not recommended as the device just goes into the standby mode.
  • Erase Corporate Data: Deletes all the corporate data (email messages, calendar, contacts, and settings) on an iOS device.
    Note: Currently, this feature is only available on iOS devices.
  • Reset to Factory Default: Completely deletes all data on the device. Your apps, configuration settings, email messages, text messages, photographs, and everything else on the device is deleted.
    Warning: Only data on the phone is deleted. Data on the SD card will not be deleted.
    Important: Use this option only as a last resort when you are absolutely sure that your device cannot be recovered.
  • Un-enroll This Device: When you do not want a device to access the corporate network, you must un-enroll the device. Once deleted,
    • All applied policies will be removed from the device
    • All corporate data will be deleted from the device
    • You must manually uninstall the Hosted Mobile Security Agent app on Android devices