Tips for Creating Strong Passcodes

Trend Micro highly recommends creating strong passcodes. Follow these guidelines to create a strong passcode.

Important: Never share your passcode with anyone. Remember to change your passcode frequently.
  • Length: Passcodes that are eight characters or longer are more difficult to hack.
  • Complex: Use a combination of letters (upper case and lower case), numbers, and symbols. Most keyloggers can only track the key, but not the case.
  • Phrases: Avoid using dictionary words in your passcode. However a passcode with that uses phrases is a strong passcode.
  • Personal information: Avoid using personal information such as your name, your date of birth, or your pet's name in passcodes.

Creating a strong passcode

"Consider the following example for creating a strong passcode. You can modify this example to suit your needs.

  1. Start with two or three words that you can easily remember. "white shirt".
  2. Intentionally misspell white. "whyt shirt".
  3. Add two or more digits. "whyt04shirt.
  4. Replace one or two letters with symbols. "whyt04$hi!rt".
  5. Change the case of a few letters. "Whyt04$H!rT".