About Trend Micro Hosted Mobile Security

Trend Micro™ Hosted Mobile Security (HMS) is a hosted service that protects and manages all personal and corporate mobile devices running iOS and Android. Hosted Mobile Security allows users to bring their own devices and use them within the corporate environment. All the devices are managed by a hosted service that resides on secure servers run and maintained by Trend Micro. Access HMS and manage devices from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, Trend Micro takes care of maintaining, updating, upgrading, and troubleshooting all aspects of the server, allowing you to focus on your business and users.

Security Features

Though allowing your employees to bring their own devices to work might seem like a security risk, a host of features have been bundled into the service to make this possible. For example:

  • Policies that ensure the latest operating system is in use, passcodes are complex, passcodes are not repeated often, and so on.

  • Remotely lock the device or remotely wipe the data on the device.

  • Detect and restrict rooted/jailbroken devices.

  • Anti-malware and web threat protection.

  • Track the geographical location of a device.

Administrative Features

Hosted Mobile Security has been designed to make life easier for everyone. Here are some features that help administrators:

  • User-centric management, instead of device-centric management, reduces management overhead.

  • A dashboard that shows administrators all information at a glance and the ability to get more details by drilling down.

  • Automatic provisioning of corporate resources to employees.

  • Real-time inventory of all devices.

  • A self-service portal for employees that reduces the burden on administrators.

User Features

Users who bring their own devices to work can:

  • Remotely wipe or lock their device without contacting an administrator.

  • Add and provision additional devices without the help of administrators.

  • Set their own privacy level.