Selecting Targets

Use the Select Targets screen to select specific endpoints to use in an investigation.

This screen displays the following details:

Table 1. Select Targets Screen

Column Name


Host Name

Computer name of the endpoint running the Endpoint Sensor agent program

IP Address

IPv4 address of the agent endpoint

Operating System

The Windows variant running on the endpoint

Event Recording

The status of the agent, if it is actively recording events.

Asset Tag

A user-defined string that identifies the endpoint

To include specific endpoints in the investigation, select the check box of the endpoints and click Confirm. Otherwise, click Cancel to discard the selection.

Use Search to locate a specific endpoint. You can search for the following properties:

  • Host Name: specify the host name of the endpoint you want to locate.

  • IP Address: specify a range of IP addresses to locate.

  • Asset Tag: specify the asset tag of the endpoint you want to locate.

Use the following options to manage this list:
  • Use Filters to filter the list by tags. Select one or more tags to display only the endpoints with that tag.

  • Use the pagination control at the bottom of the list to display 10, 25, 50 or 100 endpoints at a time.


To set the Asset Tag of an endpoint and remove unnecessary endpoints, use the Endpoints screen.

For details, see Endpoint.