Managing Schedules

Use the Investigation Schedules screen to manage all investigation schedules.

The following table lists the schedule details available for review:

Table 1. Schedule Details

Column Name


Schedule Name

The name given to the schedule.


The current status of the schedule.


The recurrence pattern set for the schedule.

Next Schedule

The time when the next investigation occurs.


The start date of a schedule. After this date, the schedule runs the investigation repeatedly until the End date is reached.


The end date of a schedule. The investigation no longer runs on and after this date.


The number of times the investigation has repeated.

Select at least one schedule to activate the following options:
  • Click Toggle Status > Disable to temporarily disable the schedule.
  • Click Toggle Status > Enable to enable a disabled schedule.
  • Click Remove to remove the schedule.

Use the following options to manage this list:

  • Use Filters to filter the list by tags. Select one or more tags to display only the endpoints with that tag.

  • Use the pagination control at the bottom of the list to display 10, 25, 50 or 100 endpoints at a time.

  • To add a schedule, run a new investigation.

    For more details, see Investigation.

  • Endpoint Sensor does not support automatic adjustments for Daylight Saving Time (DST). To minimize issues, review the schedule details and make necessary adjustments to ensure that the schedule runs at the intended time.

    For details, see Dashboard.