Submitted for Analysis

Once Endpoint Sensor finds a file matching the attributes defined in the monitoring rule, it uploads the file to a local server, or sends the file to Deep Discovery Analyzer. Use the Submitted for Analysis screen to view all collected files submitted to Deep Discovery Analyzer. The following table lists all the details available for review:

Table 1. Submitted for Analysis

Column Name


Analysis Status

Status of the submitted file base on the analysis made by Deep Discovery Analyzer

File Name

File name of the submitted object

File Path

Local path of the submitted object in the endpoint

SHA-1 Hash Value

SHA-1 hash value of the submitted object

Rule Category

Classification based on the six stages of a targeted attack.

For details, see Rule Category.

Source Host

Host name of the endpoint that submitted the object


IP address of the endpoint that submitted the object

Submitted Time

Date and time when object was submitted

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