Submission Settings

Use the Submission Settings tab to configure if the collected files should be sent to a local file server, or sent to Deep Discovery Analyzer for further analysis. The following options are available:

Table 1. Destination


Action Required

Send files to local file server

Specify the following details:

  • Path

  • User name

  • Password

  • Archive password

    Endpoint Sensor compresses the files in a password protected zip file before sending the file to the file server. Specify the default archive password here.


Endpoint Sensor is unable to send files to a local server that requires a proxy server to access.

Send files to Deep Discovery Analyzer for analysis

Specify the following details:

  • Server Address

  • Port

  • API key

For details, see Deep Discovery Analyzer Integration.


If a proxy is required for connecting to the Deep Discovery Analyzer server, configure the proxy settings first in the Proxy Setting screen.

For details, see Proxy.