Use the Updates screen to manage updates for Endpoint Sensor .

Select Download monitoring rules from the following source to enable the update options. Afterwards, configure a download source for monitoring rules:

  • Trend Micro's Active Update Server

  • Other update source

    Click Test server connection to verify if the specified source is accessible.

If the update source requires a proxy, specify the details below:

Table 1. Proxy Settings Requirements


Action Required

Use a proxy to connect to the source

Proxy settings are disabled by default. Select to use and configure a proxy for the connection.


Select HTTP or SOCKS5 protocols

Server name or IP address

Specify the IP address or URL of the proxy server.


Specify the listening port of the proxy server.

Proxy server authentication

Select if the proxy server requires a user name and password for access.

User name

Specify the user name for authentication.


Specify the password for authentication.